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“It gives me a sense of immense satisfaction and pride to share with you the phenomenal growth that Fine Healthcare group as an organization has witnessed in the face of strong competition in the region with conjugated increased interest in health care and the provision of quality products to contribute to better live and work" --- (CEO message).


We thrive to be one of the most competitive, efficient and reliable company to develop and produce products of the highest quality.

• Our Vision in fine Health Care is based on our values which we believe and trust and it's being reflected in our behavior and work.

• Our strength lies in our diversity - talent is drawn from nationalities around the world contributing to a vibrant organization that is geared to respond to business imperatives. • we are committed to the highest international standards of corporate governance, ensuring that all our products are internationally competitive. Investment in strategic assets, the latest technology, trained expertise, cooperation with all local and international companies, and obtaining international certificates to reach our strategic objectives of being a well-recognized company in the Gulf region.

​Our excellent standards of health and safety are certified by international bodies.

thank our customers, investors, partners, and employees for their confidence in our company and for their commitment and determination to achieve success together.

We look forward to building a better future.


To be recognized as one of the market leaders in Healthcare hygiene products in the GCC region at the end of 2022.


We are a pharmaceutical company based in the Middle East region producing according to GMP requirements.

Our products are focused on increasing health care hygiene in hospitals, medical clinics, and skincare. Our healthcare products contribute to our aim of a fine world.


Quality, Care, Respect, Improving, Loyalty, commitment, consistency Our Commitment to environment Our commitment to healthcare in the community extends to responsibility for the environment. From the careful treatment of the water produced by our manufacturing plant to the way we handle waste, we work to ensure that no harm is done to the environment. We collect the water produced and employ a private specialist company to treat it carefully, purifying the water and reducing the effects of environmental pollution during the production stages.

Ihsan Murad Agha
Clinical Knowledge and Expertise
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